Today I had a parcel of jewellery arrive back from the Assay Office. I am registered with Birmingham Assay Office but there are are four in the UK - London, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Sheffield.

Once I have made a piece of jewellery, but before adding the final detail and polishing, I send the piece to be hallmarked. The Assay Office take a small sample of the silver I used and test this to make sure it is of the correct quality before stamping it with the anchor hallmark and my own designer mark.

Many years ago when I started making jewellery I applied to the Assay and had my designer stamp made. It is of 2 circles with one of my initials (A & M) in each circle. This mark is registered and unique to me and I always joke than many years from now perhaps a piece of mine will turn up on the 'Antiques Roadshow' and be identified by this stamp!