Since it is January I am having a bit of a tidy up in my jewellery studio and it is amazing the amount of scrap silver I have accumulated over the past year.

I could send it away to be melted down and turned into sheet silver but I prefer my own type of recycling! I simply take various scraps of the silver and arrange them on my soldering block and then heat with my blowtorch.

The silver soon reaches melting point and the pieces melt nicely into each other forming unusual patterns. I then attach hoops or other findings (the name for attachments to jewellery like brooch backs or earring posts) before polishing the jewellery and sometimes adding detail using a sulphur solution.

They have a wonderful textured finish and people often say they look like ice or molten lava.

I don't normally sell these pieces (although maybe I should!!) and they make great gifts for my friends and family for birthdays and other occasions throughout the year. If you are interested in buying jewellery like this do drop me an email