My inspiration!

I had a phone call from my inspiration last night - otherwise known as my 6 year old nephew Cameron. He was phoning to tell me how happy he was that I have booked for him to fly from Belfast to visit me in February. He will be travelling by himself which added to his excitement.

His call reminded me of how I got the idea for my jewellery. When Cameron was just 3 he came over to visit for a few days. In between trips to Stockley Farm, Chester Zoo and the Blue Planet Aquarium he managed to draw me a phenomenal amount of pictures and scribbles.

After he left (and the dust settled!) I gathered up his artwork and wondered what to do with it. I couldn't display the whole lot (I could have wallpapered my spare room with the amount he produced!)

I had been making jewellery for many years and loved quirky, comical designs of people, animals and nature. Then like a bolt from the blue I thought about turning his artwork into jewellery.

So I got to work with his drawings and some belonging to my sister and I from many moons ago - my Mum is very sentimental and kept all our drawings which was a great help. It was great and from the moment I finished my first piece I knew this was what I wanted to do.

And now many hundreds of pieces of jewellery later it is nice to look back and reflect where it all began!!