Turquoise bracelet

Bit of a delay since my last post as I have been away on holiday - a week in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

I had a fantastic time and the weather was perfect. I spent a full day snorkeling and even saw a little 'Nemo' fish amongst the beautiful coral reef.

I didn't miss the opportunity to sample the local jewellery. Turquoise is the main precious stone from the region. I love turquoise and was like a child in a sweet shop looking at the different types of stone and jewellery. I eventually settled on a bracelet made for me by the owner of the jewellery shop. The turquoise was mixed with stone and some 'fools gold' so the overall effect is very unusual. Each round stone was made by hand and so slightly different.

It was quite expensive so I will have to save up to go back for the matching necklace!