Secret Service!

I think if I am ever looking for a change of career I might have plenty of experience for the secret service.

I am forever thinking on my feet to ensure a special jewellery gift remains a secret from the recipient. For example:

  • pretending I have the wrong number when a husband (who is not supposed to know I am making his cufflinks) happens to be off work sick and unexpectedly answers the phone before his wife can get to it

  • sending jewellery in unmarked envelopes with vague return addresses to avoid arousing suspicion

  • sending an email with design ideas only after I have received a text to say that the "coast is clear"

It is all lots of fun really and well worth it to ensure the surprise on their face when they finally open the jewellery.

So if you ever hear my voice on the end of the phone pretending I actually meant to ring the Chinese takeaway and am terribly sorry to have disturbed you then watch out for a brown envelope winging it's way to your house :-)