Mother and Daughter Jewellery

Although I have made jewellery from children's drawings for almost 15 years, I have rarely created a piece from my own children's drawings.  It has been on my 'to do' list to create something special for such a long time, but I am sure most busy Mums can relate to never quite finishing the list!

My daughter Eve is a fantastic artist and can spend hours drawing and colouring in one of her many notebooks.  This summer, after a visit to the beaches of Wales, she drew this picture of a Mermaid.  She loves Mermaids and this drawing captured her innocent and carefree nature.  So I decided that I would make a special piece of jewellery for both of us.

I made two solid pendants in the shape of her mermaid.  My pendant was slightly larger than hers but they are both exactly the same design.  The drawing of the mermaid was painstakingly etched into the silver before the detail was added by oxidising, or darkening, particular areas.  The pieces were then sent away to be hallmarked and stamped with my own @AM Jewellery' designer mark.

Eve was delighted with her new necklace and these are pieces I know we will both treasure forever.  She may not always believe in mermaids, but I hope her necklace will bring back many happy memories...I know mine will!

childs drawing mermaid
mermaid childs drawing jewellery