What can you do with squiggles?

My youngest child is 2 and a half and today he produced pages and pages of fantastic squiggles. He was extremely proud of his work and it reminded me of a question I am often asked.

Clients may be commissioning a piece of jewellery with drawings from 2 or more children, but the youngest is quite young yet they still want them to be included. So what can be achieved with the squiggles and scribbles of younger children?

Well if you use a bit of imagination these somewhat random lines and blobs can be brought to life.  Take for example the pendant below.  This was created from the squiggles of a very young artist.  When I looked closely at her drawings, I found there was a shape that resembled a heart hidden among all the pencil marks.

This was used as the basis of a pendant design, much to the delight of her Mum!

If you have any squiggles you would like us to look at, just email avril@amjewellery.co.uk for a no obligation quotation.

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pendant heart childs drawing