A modern way for the modern Mum...

If you have more than one drawing you would like to reproduce or even a picture from more than one child, a personalised silver charm bracelet is a perfect way of displaying these.

charm on bangle from children's art

Our charms come with a swivel clip fastening that can also be attached to a chain and worn as a small pendant or even clipped to a brooch pin.

Charms are such a popular way to make a statement.  AM Jewellery takes that to another level by allowing you to create a truly personal and versatile piece of quality jewellery.

Each piece is a miniature work of art and is stamped with the AM Jewellery exclusive designer mark and a hallmark from the Birmingham Assay Office to certify the quality and purity of the silver we use.

Handmade silver charm bracelet from childs drawing

Click to see a selection of charms we have made for some happy customers.  The shape, style and size is down to you.  If you have an idea that's a bit different, just contact us.  We have made hundreds of different charms over the years and are sure to be able to help.

It really is easy to start the process to creating a totally unique piece of jewellery.  Click to order a silver pendant from your child's drawings.  If you have any questions take a look at our FAQ page.