Handmade jewellery from your child's drawings

My nephew Cameron inspired me to turn children’s drawings into jewellery when he was just 3. He came to visit and left behind lots of squiggly pictures and I couldn’t bear to throw them away...so I turned them into silver jewellery. He is now a strapping teenager and will hate me when he sees this photo!!
Child drawing for handmade silver jewellery cufflinks

Creator, AM Jewellery

After completing her jewellery making training in Manchester, Avril Manderson has spent the last decade making silver and gold jewellery commissions from children's drawings.  She is inspired by creating 'super-personal' jewellery that has real meaning for the wearer.  Her perfectionist nature and attention to detail are vital attributes for such intricate precious metal jewellery based on children's art.

Avril started AM Jewellery in 2003 turning children's drawings into fantastic gifts for a special occasion, and was the first UK jewellery designer to capture childhood memories in sterling silver using her original design method.  Over the years she has developed new techniques and embraced new technology to aid her traditional silver-smithing skills. 

A company with the experience to trust with your one of a kind silver jewellery creations

Making handmade silver pendant from childs drawing

She now has a small team to support her work, but all pieces are still designed and handmade by Avril. The business was built on excellent customer service and continues to provide quality handcrafted jewellery made exactly to the customer's specifications.

The simplicity of children's pictures lend themselves brilliantly to quirky one-off designs and never fail to bring a smile to faces!

This handcrafted jewellery from your children's drawings make fantastic gifts for a special occasion. From cufflinks for Dad, to a pendant for Mum or a brooch for Granny these unique pieces are sure to be treasured forever.

Handmade silver cufflinks for dads birthday oresent

Avril uses traditional methods of gold and silversmithing, combined with modern design techniques to bring your child's drawings to life. She makes each piece of jewellery by hand, from design to final polish, so if you need something a bit different just ask!

A wide range of jewellery and other gifts are available to suit all tastes, and pictures from several children can be seamlessly worked into one piece of jewellery.

Only jewellery that exceeds a certain weight must be hallmarked by law, but Avril has always ensured that every piece she makes is stamped with a hallmark.  Each piece of jewellery is a miniature piece of art and is sent to Birmingham Assay Office to be struck with the British Hallmark and the AM Jewellery designer mark to certify the quality and purity of the precious metals used.

Her jewellery has an international following and Avril enjoys working with the drawings of children from a range of different countries.

I guarantee you will join the hundreds of totally satisfied customers worldwide who own an ‘AM Jewellery’ creation!

Avril is also the founder of Fresh Fleeces, a company that specialises in createing sheep jewellery and other pieces based on the British countryside.

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