It all started when...

After completing her jewellery making training in Manchester, Avril Manderson has spent the last decade making silver and gold jewellery commissions from children's drawings.  She is inspired by creating 'super-personal' jewellery that has real meaning for the wearer.  Her perfectionist nature and attention to detail are vital attributes for such intricate precious metal jewellery based on children's art.

Avril started AM Jewellery in 2003 turning children's drawings into fantastic gifts for a special occasion, and was the first UK jewellery designer to capture childhood memories in sterling silver using her original design method.  Over the years she has developed new techniques and embraced new technology to aid her traditional silver-smithing skills. 

Those first drawings...

My nephew Cameron inspired me to turn children’s drawings into jewellery when he was just 3. He came to visit and left behind lots of squiggly pictures and I couldn’t bear to throw them I turned them into silver jewellery. He is now a strapping teenager and will hate me when he sees this photo!!

After this I had a rummage in my Mum's attic and discovered a large folder full of drawings my sister Naomi and I had drawn over the years.  Old Mother's Day cards, pictures from school and nursery and other arty treasures provided many hours of inspiration.

I worked painstakingly to refine the process used to accurately capture each pencil stroke, splodge and handprint accurately onto sterling silver.

Each piece we make tells a story and we love to work with clients to capture those first precious drawings.