Silver charm from child's drawing

Butterfly silver charm from childs drawing.jpg
Butterfly silver charm from childs drawing.jpg

Silver charm from child's drawing


Handmade solid silver charm based on the drawings of your child.

Hallmarked sterling silver. Size and shape of charm varies depending on drawings and customer's preference.  Supplied with a heavyweight sterling silver swivel fastening.  Made from heavyweight 2mm thick silver.

Charm bracelets can also be supplied.

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Handmade silver butterfly charm from childs drawing

A versatile piece to capture their little personality.

A silver charm based on your child's drawing with a heavyweight sterling silver swivel attachment for securely clipping to a charm bracelet.  This is a very versatile piece of jewellery, and the fastening can also be attached to a chain and worn as a small pendant or even clipped to a brooch pin.

If you have more than one drawing you would like to reproduce or even a picture from more than one child, a set of personalised silver charms is a perfect way of displaying these.

Yourcharm is supplied in an exclusive AM Jewellery gift box. These have a special surprise for the person receiving the jewellery as each has a miniature version of the child's drawing in the lid.

Handmade silver jewellery presented in exclusive gift boxes

Ordering is easy: simply complete your order and email your drawings to us, quoting your name and order number. After checking your artwork we will get back to you with the suggested size and shape of the charm.  If you have any other questions then simply drop us a note with your drawings and we will get in touch before work starts on your commission. 

We can also supply charm bracelets if needed, just let us know and we can suggest something appropriate.