Silver shaped link bracelet from your child's drawings

Heart silver bracelet circle.jpg
Heart silver bracelet circle.jpg

Silver shaped link bracelet from your child's drawings


Handmade solid silver linked bracelet based on the drawings of one or more children.

Hallmarked sterling silver. Size and shape varies depending on drawings and customer's preference.  Made from heavyweight 1.5mm thick silver.

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Handmade silver link bracelet from childs drawing of hearts

A bracelet that 'links' you to the little artist forever.

We have solved the problem of choosing a special present. Whether for a birthday, Christmas or Mother's Day this handmade bracelet, based on the drawings of one or more of her children, is guaranteed to bring a smile to her face.

The example shown is a bracelet based on hearts drawn by a boy aged 4. But drawings by older children and squiggles from younger artists can all be included. As each piece is made by hand, simply contact Avril with your design ideas.

All bracelets are sent to Birmingham Assay Office to be tested for the purity and quality of silver before being stamped with the 'AM Jewellery' designer mark and the British hallmark.

Handmade silver jewellery presented in exclusive gift boxes

All jewellery is supplied in exclusive AM Jewellery gift boxes. These have a special surprise for the person receiving the jewellery as each has a miniature version of the child's drawing in the lid.

Ordering is easy: simply decide on your bracelet length, complete your order and email your drawings to us, quoting your name and order number. After checking your artwork we will get back to you with the suggested size and shape of the bracelet.  If you have any other questions then simply drop us a note with your drawings and we will get in touch before work starts on your commission.